Online (Text Based)
Counselling & Psychotherapy

*For information about my therapy style and philosophy, please visit the 'About Me' section of this website (above). This page primarily provides information about online text based counselling and psychotherapy.


With the growth of the internet and it's importance in most peoples lives, some ways that counselling and psychotherapy is conducted has had to broaden out. Whilst there are some very valid concerns about the loss of meaningful connection via online interactions, in my experience it can still remain a powerful tool for psychotherapy.

Many younger generations that have grown up with the internet know full well that dep relationships can be established online, even in text form. For counselling and psychotherapy this is a potentially new medium in which to conduct good, even powerful therapy. More and more services are adopting a text-based counselling and/or CBT approach, such as the NHS, IESO and others, with an ever growing evidence base of efficacy.

It helps to have a decent typing speed, but I shan't be timing you and applying pressure to message or reply to me quickly - it isn't a race! I also am not here to judge your spelling or grammar, so no need to worry!

Below are some of the potential benefits of text based therapy:

  • The main theory behind the text based approach is 'solipsistic introjection', which suggests that the client (having never met the therapist in person) will read the the conversation in their minds, which becomes internalised as a helpful and constructive side to their own inner dialogue.

  • You have time to consider what it is you want to type and articulate about your experience.

  • You can use the transcripts of our sessions to look back and reflect upon.

  • You can retain more privacy (I encourage you not use a pseudonym, but this is of course an option if deemed absolutely necessary).


I primarily use WhatsAppTelegram, or Zoom (depending on your preference) for text based therapy, since their chat functions are encrypted. However, I am open to alternative suggestions that might feel more secure. I will send out some information regarding privacy and confidentiality before we begin, as it is important to be aware of some of the risks of engaging online. 

Text based counselling and psychotherapy is certainly not a substitute for face to face counselling and psychotherapy, and it won't be for everybody. However, the basic premise remains the same in that I aim to establish a genuine and empathic connection, based in trust, to help you work through problematic issues/challenges, develop yourself and/or work towards your goals.

If interested, please ask about online text based counselling and psychotherapy when contacting me.