Online (Videocall)
Counselling & Psychotherapy

*For information about my therapy style and philosophy, please visit the 'About Me' section of this website (above). This page primarily provides information about online counselling and psychotherapy.


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, most counsellors and psychotherapist had to transition towards online remote working. Having worked online since 2020 (and before in a limited capacity) I can say with certainty that online counselling definitely has a significant if not equally positive impact for people as face to face counselling and psychotherapy. Whilst certainly not a substitute, it is a different way of working and will become a new format for psychotherapy going forward (already being adopted by many services going forward).


The basic principles remain the same, in that we are aiming to establish a genuine, empathic connection, based on trust, in order to work through problematic issues/challenges, develop yourself and/or work towards your goals. However, you will of course be bringing something of your environment into the meeting too (or wherever you choose to do videocall) and this can mean a difference in the dynamic.

Some of the benefits of online videocall counselling and psychotherapy are:

  • Health and safety - during the covid-19 pandemic, online videocall was the primary option for therapy and ensured safety for many peoples health.

  • Convenience - working online means that you can cut out the travel time to and from therapy.

  • Broader therapeutic media - sometimes with online therapy, it can be useful to have the capacity to share media links that are appropriate and beneficial to your therapy. This might be certain songs, inspirational videos, essays etc. that can be shared instantly.

  • Ability to meet over a large distance (I've worked with people all over the UK, Europe and America)








I primarily use Zoom for my online therapy videocalls, although I can use Skype and Google Hangouts as alternatives.

Of course, online therapy is reliant upon a stable internet connection (and this is never 100% guaranteed!). Please ensure you have the internet capacity for this if you wish to meet online.

There is also the issue of privacy that may need to be discussed. It's important to still have a safe, private space to engage in therapy - sometimes this is simply not possible from your home and face to face counselling and psychotherapy may be more appropriate for you. There are several other things that may be considered to ensure you get the most out of our meetings - this can be discussed by email and/or an initial consultation, and I will send a further information sheet to you regards these issues.

If interested, please ask about online videocall counselling and psychotherapy when contacting me.