Face to Face
Counselling & Psychotherapy

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*For information about my therapy style and philosophy, please visit the 'About Me' section of this website. This page specifically provides information about my face to face counselling & psychotherapy service, and the environment I work in.

Face to face counselling and psychotherapy is my primary way of working. It allows us to have time to work in a private and safe space, away from the rest of your life, to discuss the things that matter to you and work towards resolving your issues. Below is a list of benefits face to face counselling & psychotherapy can offer:

  • A private, safe space to engage in therapy, away from your everyday life.

  • The opportunity to experience a rich, genuine, therapeutic encounter (you might not believe in shared 'energy', but there is something unique about face to face which online work can be limited in!)

  • The possibility of engaging in practical exercises which might aid your therapy (such as creative processes, co-created diagrams/models etc.)

  • The reflection of body language and other somatic experiencing.


I work from home in an upstairs room (there is wheelchair access into the house, however sessions would need to be conducted on the ground floor - please ask for further information if these are your requirements). It's a warm, private and safe space, on a small residential street just off Hucknall High Street (You'd never know there was a main road around the corner!).

Transport links are very good, with the NET tram service stopping only a short walk away (3-4 minutes) and the Trent Barton 'Threes' service stopping regularly on Hucknall high street, just around the corner from me. Specific information on how to get to me can be provided upon request.

If driving, you are welcome to park on the drive outside the house during the day (there may be times this isn't possible and I will inform you if so). There is also a residential car park next to the house with a single guest parking space (so the usage of this is limited unfortunately - parking here is at your own risk as wardens do visit regularly). Please be aware this is a narrow street and it can be difficult to get in/out with larger cars!


Alternatively, there is the free Hucknall NET Tram Park & Ride only 3-4 minute walk away, and several pay-and-display car parks along the high street that aren't pricey.

If interested, please ask about face to face counselling and psychotherapy when contacting me.